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?✨ CS2 new years deal


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New year, new salty tears in premier

Since I have made such large improvements to the CS2 cheat, I want to give everyone a chance to try it

For a limited time...

? New purchasers of our CS2 will be able to get 30 days for just 8 euros, then will renew at 18 euros like everyone else (price was recently lowered from 20->18 euros permanently)
ℹ️ No coupon needed. Just check the website! Discount is automated
ℹ️ Auto renewals can be opted out of or turned off easily. Refunds for unwanted auto renewals are easily given

Don't want 30 days? Our lifetime option for CS2 is now discounted 20%
ℹ️ No coupon needed. Just check the website! Discount is automated

Notable recent changes...

Completely fixed any ESP lag. ESP performs as well as an internal just like our COD cheat
All latest Windows updates supported including updates in latest versions 22H2 and 23H2
Cheat works in fullscreen with any aspect ratio/resolution
Added map parsing vis checks for instant & safe vis checks
Added weapon configs menu
Improved triggerbot/aimbot/RCS greatly since release
Added standalone RCS
Added many new ESP options

? Enjoy this quality CS2 cheat with the security PO is known for

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Here are some new additions/improvements to the CS2 cheat made recently:

January 5
- Added "overlay ingame" to RADAR tab. When toggled this option will perfectly overlay your in-game mini-map so that enemies show on it accurately. This will work for any radar setting, resolution, or aspect ratio. It's based on map data so it will be accurate regardless
- Added bone scan for aimbot under "scan bones" toggle. Will scan/check if hand/feet are visible
- Greatly improved static RCS

January 6
- Fixed triggerbot shooting too early & missing enemy
- Fixed slow turning on radar. Toggle "overlay in-game" and enemy dots will appear on your in-game minimap exactly in the correct position no matter what your settings are
- Fixed scan bones bug where it would always aimbot hands and feet. It's only supposed to aimbot hands or feet if the enemy's head/body are behind cover with their hands/feet sticking out

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