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Hey there. It has been maybe 3 years since I closet-cheated CS. Previously I managed 1,000~ hours with one provider and I aim to start over and do the same thing and after some (more than I'd like to admit, anyway) research, have found myself here! Anyway, here's just a few questions from the top of my head.

  1. Are there shared configs on the forum? I'm unsure what the default is like but I've never really stuck with the defaults and created my best config built from another, so I'm curious if people do share theirs here.
  2. Do you plan to support the CS2 client as well as you have the Call of Duty clients? (This is a silly question, I know, but I think it's more peace of mind than anything, y'know?)
  3. Do you plan to add any features that require mem-writing? I was looking at another external and they recently decided to add Glow ESP, of course only possible with mem-writing, which was a big no-no sign for me. I'm looking for closet cheating, nothing blatant or apparent, n'or more vectors for detection in the long-term. 
  4. In cases of detection, a previous provider granted bonus membership as compensation. I'm honestly not expecting anything here though and I'm confident that you do in-fact have security as a priority especially given the many unknowns of VAC Live and what ValvE are planning (especially after that Dota 2 thing they did. Can't help but be a bit paranoid nowadays, regardless of how 'inactive' they have been in the past.) - but does Phantom have any plans in case of detection?
  5. Are all clients unique? Again, been a while. CS:GO, you could genuinely run a paste as long as your signature was unique and you weren't braindead using spinny chairs in MM, so maybe something is different in CS2.

Oh, and aside from CS, I am interested in the OW2 - is that all good to use?

Thanks for reading my nonsense and future thanks to whoever takes time to answer! 

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Additional questions regarding Overwatch 2.
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1. Users post their config info on the forums and on our Telegram. We also have a set up guide that gives info on settings to try.

2. Yes, we're trying to get our CS2 cheat to the same level of quality as our CoD cheat. It's much newer so it takes time, but we'll keep updating and optimizing.

3. No, we view writing to memory as too much of a security risk.

4. We'll compensate users and help them deal with bans if a detection does happen. We'll also get the cheat back to undetected should this happen.

5. There's randomization and obfuscation, it's pretty far from a paste.

6. The OW2 cheat is being updated now, we'll change it's status here when done: https://www.phantomoverlay.io/status/

Let us know if you need anything else.

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