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USB drive alternative + one other question



First off, I was curious if instead of using a USB Drive I could use a portable SSD that connects with a usb cable. I don't have any USB drives around but I do have that - I assume they function the same? If not, I can go out and get a usb drive.

Also, I'm really new to anything ESP / Aimbot and I've never used one before, so I apologize if this is a stupid question - but can I configure the ESP to only show players that are visible? Or something similar? I'd love the extra information but I don't want to mess up my playstyle by looking through walls and stuff, if that makes sense. I might be overthinking this so I'd love some input here.

I've always played legit and very sweaty - I've gotten to about a 2.8k/d on my own. So I'm hoping to use PO as a slight advantage (especially against controller aim assist as I'm on m&k) rather than all out.


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Portable SSD should be fine as long as you disconnect the cable after injecting, but USB driver is like 1 buck in almost any shop.

PO doesn't have the function to show only visibile players yet, not sure if ever will be added, but who knows.

PO will help you for sure, you can go for low fov and high smoothness, so it'll work as aim assist more likely.

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