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How to regain access to your Battlenet account after losing your phone number?


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Hello. Today, when launching the game via Battlenet, I was asked to verify my phone number via SMS. However, the phone number was purchased through 'textveryfied' and I cannot provide the code from SMS. What can I do in this matter because without it I cannot run the game in which I have purchased MWIII on this account? Please help

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Litterally nothing account is gone i think there are some services which where you can actually Perm get that “temp” phone number so it sticks with you but am not 100% sure

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Easy bro download Battle.net app on your phone log in and add authentication once enabled got to pc and open battle net go to account and click on remove phone number it’s going to ask you to authenticate go to your phone on the app click authentication click manually code put that code on the bNt app on pc and click summit once phone it’s remove add a new one

you owe me 100


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