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How Aimbot works at cs 2 ??


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I am new here and I can’t figure out how aimbot works at cs2. I play with mouse and keyboard and I have tried all the settings ( bind key etc ) but it seems that it cannot auto lock fast enough the enemy and many times I die.. any tips on how to use it ? 

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3 hours ago, Fika said:

What are your current aimbot settings? And what are you using for your aimbot hot key?

I am using “B” ( I leave the buy zone ) and as for aimbot settings I am using the recommended ones.. I enable trigger as well in the same hotkey with aimbot ( “B” )  but still won’t lock fast enough and most of the times, even if I press B I will spray and won’t kill the enemy..

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I recommend using a thumb button on your mouse as your aimbot hot key, that way you can aim and shoot without automatically triggering the aimbot. You should have trigger bot on a different button or key as you shouldn't use it for every kill. Trigger bot is best for if you're holding a corner. We have more info here: https://www.phantomoverlay.io/forums/topic/2463-cs2-legitimate-cheating-guide/

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