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New Old Guy, trying out cheats/hax for the first time ever.


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Before yesterday I had never considered using anything to cheat.  I've been gaming on the PC since 1994.  I am old AF.  My reflexes suck AND I'm on medication that most everyone would consider a good time.  In short, the one thing that I love to do (pc gaming) is becoming more and more frustrating.  But again, I have always taken it in stride.  I used to bitch and complain when I'd get pwned by an obvious cheater and everyone would roll their eyes or blow me off while the guy murders everyone on the server with a K/D ratio of 10:1.  I guess I'm a competitive guy.

But yesterday... a new guy to the team I play with made me rage.  The kid wouldn't let me speak to complain about an obvious cheater.  Saying things like "dude, you're dog water, anyone with a small amount of skill would be a cheater in your world."  Well, you know what?  He was right!

Console players get aim "assist", young kids get hyper reflexes, healthy people can think through tactical situations faster...  Me?  They say with age comes wisdom.  Nah.. I just have money to spend and a desire to show that fucktard up.

See you in the trenches.


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