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Explanation Maybe full refund


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Hey guys this is me pondering,

I think its time you as the admins and owners change your mission statement now, because 

1.You have been detected all though it still mentions you haven't 

2, There are a lot of people who were assured otherwise, now banned and these are lifelong accounts.

Are we going to get an explanation on this because it wasn't like we were playing and got caught in the act, reading and judging by a lot of comments people just hope on and are banned, some hadn't been playing in a very long time. Kind of feels like we are left in Limbo, I understand the risk, and I am fine. However, for others maybe a explanation might be nice to what actually happened. Where to from now? Even possible full refunds? of the previous months subscription. 


Don't get me wrong, PO service towards me has been nothing but beautiful this entire time. Any other views on this matter?

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Due to the detection that took place in October, there was information to write a ticket and decide whether you want  - a refund or suspension until it will be fixed.
I got a permanent ban so I asked for a refund for the subscription and I received a refund. If it was detected in October, why would you be reimbursed for the earlier months?

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Like you said, I'm hoping I will not get a ban later. SO, I didn't buy MW3 yet cuz I might be banned later and I will not be able to buy the lifetime MW3 PO cuz I want the dust to settle. I still play every day without PO since the first sign of report and put back all the security windows updates. I think all the shit fell apart when we add to play with security update and it wasn't handled in time. A delay SB or PB isn't like others cheat providers where you are mostly ban when caught in the act. That's why I think the security informations wasn't handled properly. My gameplay has improved a lot with PO and my frag is insane since I don't use it. He provided me the fast track of the learning curve I needed. I'm where I wanted to be but I will never ever play with windows security anymore without a real 5's W. To resume, I will keep playing, looking the forum and until I feel everything is back to normal I will buy back. I might jump on MW3 in a month or two since I can buy it tomorrow and get ban. The communication is great but I just realized there was no real answers.

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Any users who still have questions about the detection should make a support ticket if possible, we'll run through any questions or concerns there. We posted frequently about the detection on Telegram, but I understand not everyone is in our announcements group.

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