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zt's suggestions


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Wassup, I've made this thread to post what I think y'all could improve in PO.


1 - recognize players using shield

       - Aimbot will recognize that the aimed player is using shield and will aim at other hitbox so you can hit him.


2 - recognize avaliable hitboxes

       - Aimbot will recognize players hidden in structures (ex: using cover in a wall and only showing his head) and will aim at the shootable hitbox


3 - better bullet prediction (nothing much to say, it's just bad)




1 - vertical health bar

       - Atleast for me the horizontal healthbar above the enemy's head makes so much difficult to see his head


2 - weapon's ESP

       - ESP to weapons that are full equiped (modified) or specific weapons 


That's based on *my opinion*.

Overall thanks for being such a great chair, and fuck ppl whos complaining about having their acc banned, y'all know the risks.

PO ❤️

PS: I'm brazillian so if theres smth wrong with my english I apologize ?

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On 10/31/2023 at 9:08 AM, Fighters87 said:

I hope not. They are rage characteristics. Even though I don't use aimbot

Wym? The only one that could be rage is the bullet prediction system

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