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need advice please thank you

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hello everyone here my main account was permanently banned because I use a cheat that was detected in the first wave I use infinite before they do the tests for season 5 I had other account than I use for warzone so I use one of these accounts and this morning want to launch the update on my new account without injecting anything I launch battle net and I see account blocked as my main account here I recreate a new account I have it launch this account did not block it here I wanted to know if I am banned hwid or not and I need a spoofer to replay with your cheat thank you
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7 hours ago, Mute said:

Hé, si votre compte n'est pas banni après quelques minutes/heures, cela signifie que vous n'êtes pas hwid banni, mais je testerais d'abord cela par vous-même.

Si vous avez besoin d'un spoofer, je ne peux que suggérer Infinite et attendre qu'il ne soit plus détecté.

here I just tried with a new account after the launch of my second party my new account is shadowban am I bann hwid?
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