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Hey! A special self-introduction


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I'm sorry I know I should post this where introductions should be posted but, I really want to say this phantomoverlay is awesome!!!! Today is my first day on this forum weren't just a name I randomly typed in I don't want to be recognized but I'll introduce myself anyway.

I'm from another site which is AimJunkies and to be honest that site SUCKED and I left it because I was so disappointed. I don't know if I'm allowed to say this here but their admins never respect the users and never take any feedback or answer any questions, no matter what the question is they just say "no thank you, if you keep asking I'm going to ban you". The only reason I signed up for an account with that stupid site was to buy a cheat for a game that only they were selling in the WORLD however they DISCONTIUNED it even though I'd be willing to pay 1000$ to get it back! fuck them.

I don't know if you guys accept customization cheats here or allow it or not I'm posting to ask about it because all you seem so friendly and I really appreciate that. I will do my best to support this place for the rest of the time and thank you.


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