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Will MW3 use the same exe and engine as MW2?


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If so, is it possible that the MWII PO cheese will work in the MWIII open beta?

Additionally, if WZII shares the same executable and engine, are you planning to maintain the separation between the two games? I'm not well-versed in the technical aspects, but I'm genuinely curious about this. Thank you!

I've been using PO close to a year without a single ban or shadowban. I'm a devoted fan of PO, and you've earned a lifelong customer! ?

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No, the WZ2/MW2 cheat does not work in the MW3 beta. From what we can tell, MW3 will be a standalone game and not share much with WZ2. That's why we're developing a separate cheat. But of course we're adaptable, if we find new info or things change we'll be ready! Thanks for supporting us.

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46 minutes ago, MrStretch said:

does  PO have a cheat ready for the BETA.


Not yet. We'll announce on Telegram if we release a cheat for the MW3 beta, it will be available for lifetime pre-order users.

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13 hours ago, MrStretch said:

I am HWID banned. It won’t allow me to launch in to a game it just goes to 200 ping and sets until i restart game.

That sounds like a shadow ban. See if the shadow ban turns permanent or expires.

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