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havin a good time


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whats going on blokes, heard good things about PO whilst im waitin for skeet to update i shall be using their software to sit back and chill playin some cs2 ?


wont be active very much a cunts gotta work aye ? take care

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Skeet has been detected a lot. PO has never had a detection on any cheat including cheats on games with much stronger anti-cheats including anti-cheats with a kernel driver component.

Considering all the features I've recently added, you may want to just stick with us ? get the features and the security both

Even if your stay for only one 30 day sub, thank you for picking PO! ?

List of recent improvements:

- Added visible check
- Added standlone (static) RCS with strength modifer
- Added visible check option dedicated to triggerbot to enable faster triggerbot reaction without compromising aim vis check
- Added held check for aimbot so that aimbot won't activate when holding health shot, knife, throwable, or C4
- Improved vis check speed
- Added damage animation to health & armor bars, also added animation that shows decrements of health next to enemies as you damage them
- Added bomb carrier ESP
- Added snapline ESP
- Added weapon config window, you can press tab to open the window and each tab within the window is a unique config set for each weapon type
- Added visible only ESP option

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