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Telegram chat rules


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1️⃣. Light flaming is allowed during discussion or debates but you are not allowed to "cross the line"

Some examples of NOT "crossing the line":
- Calling someone a retard when they say something retarded
- Saying "fuck you"
- Calling someone autistic
- Calling someone a faggot when they are being a faggot

Examples of crossing the line:
- Saying the "n" word
- Bringing up someone's drug addiction
- Bringing up someone's mental or physical disability that actually exists
- Going over the top with name calling and nasty speech
- Bringing up a tragedy from someone's life
- Spamming your point during a debate
- Sharing private information publicly to shame or otherwise get leverage

2️⃣. Genuine homophobia is not allowed. You can call someone a faggot or gay when they are being dumb but if you are actually spewing hatred towards gay people it's not OK here

3️⃣. Racism or any slurs are not allowed at all

4️⃣. No spamming of any kind

5️⃣. Do not advertise anything in the chat. We will let it go if we feel you mentioned another provider in natural conversation but if it seems like you are trying to bring attention to them (e.g. advertise their existence or offerings) we will remove it and ask you to stop. You are also not allowed to have any form of advertisement in your Telegram username

6️⃣. Do not try to LFG in the chat or link a LFG Discord or other group chat community. You may PM each other for LFG if you find people you trust but it will not happen in our chats. The risk is too high. Giving community members your in-game name could lead to a ban if they are not trustworthy

7️⃣. No nuke service advertising/offering/requesting. Nukes are a hacker trap & if you want to go for them you need to do it outside of our community. You are also not allowed to aggressively encourage our users to rage cheat with or without you. The PO community is for closet cheating. You may rage cheat if you want but do not attempt to encourage other users to do the same

8️⃣. Do not claim we are exit scamming or that the cheats are detected in a joking way to troll other users. Those are serious claims & people will take you seriously

9️⃣. Do not post, discuss, or engage in anything related to posting porn, DDOS attacks, malware, cracking, reverse engineering, the sale of illegal drugs, speaking of or posting child porn, or piracy

?. Speak English only in our chat

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