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I am redoing this because I'm already getting tickets from people who misread...

Phantom Overlay is fine. Updated, undetected, safe to use, good to go! 👍

If you want the PO spoofer, you can get it here

What I was WARNING about is that INFINITE spoofer, which is a completely separate company/website/brand entirely, and not at all affiliated with PO, did seem to get detected.

I announce this because a lot of my users who got HWID banned when they used a provider before me now use INFINITE spoofer. They did not get HWID banned from me, they got that from a different provider before they found me.

So this is just a warning to help those users.

It's also a reminder to never use a spoofer unless you are already HWID banned and need one. If you are not HWID banned, do not use a spoofer, and just use PO, because if a spoofer gets detected, you will be banned even if you aren't HWID banned prior & are using a UD provider... the more you know.

Sorry for spam... 👻

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