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MW2 Shadow Ban


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So I have been shadow banned today. I played as legit as possible, following the ESP  guide, and only used ESP. With that being said, while I wait out my shadow ban, could I create a new account on the game itself until it is lifted so I don’t have to endure the pain of shadow banned lobbies and what not?

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I recommend waiting out the shadow ban, using a new account increases the risk of an HWID flag on your device. I've added an extra week to your sub to help cover the downtime.

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On 26.7.2023 at 01:48, BagChapo1 said:

Deshalb wurde mir heute ein Schattenverbot erteilt. Ich habe so authentisch wie möglich gespielt, mich an die ESP-Anleitung gehalten und nur ESP verwendet. Könnte ich, während ich auf mein Schattenverbot warte, ein neues Konto für das Spiel selbst erstellen, bis es aufgehoben wird, damit ich nicht den Schmerz von Lobbys mit Schattenverbot ertragen muss und was nicht?

Often it is also related to what their account has in terms of statistics. There are some accounts where you can cheat more obviously without getting a shadowban. With a relatively new account, or an account that has a lower trust factor, you can't have much of an impact on the game - except to pray that the other players don't report you. 

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