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New Anti-Cheat preventing injection?


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Is this the Phantom Overlay launcher being blocked by this supposed new Anti-Cheat by the YouTuber Call of Shame? Here is the link to his tweet which shows a video clip of what I'm talking about: 


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This person is expecting people to willingly download HIS anti-cheat to prove legitimacy during online tournaments/streamers. This will not be used by Activision. This is for 3rd party use. 

He is ridiculous if he thinks anyone will use this. They can simply deny it on the grounds it's some random ass dudes software, not a licensed publisher with a reputation and safety to consider.


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3rd party anti cheats can be okay, so far there haven't been any good ones for WZ2/MW2. This will not affect normal use of any cheat on WZ2/MW2 though.

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