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MW3 and Warzone cheat significantly improved! NATIVE CONTROLLER SUPPORT, new humanized aimbot with prediction, FOV/fullbody deadzone, UAV overlay, 4 aimkeys with unique configs, no bone distance limit, performance upgrades, and more! ×

zt aka luckyed


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Sup y'all, I'm zt! I also use the name "luckyed" in some forums, I'm a brazilian cheat enthusiast and a CSGO retired hvher.

I started cheating in 2012 in minecraft, and since then I never stopped cheating.

My first MW2 cheat was PO and will be my main cheat forever, I found PO thru epvpers where I always look for sum cheats when I need.

As said before, I'm a CSGO hvher, now retired cuz hvh sucks and I'm joining the MW2 cheating comm!

That's all, ty for reading and hope we make a great community here!


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