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Sound cue / ESP Ideas


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I do not know if you take idea from the community, but I have a few ideas to make the "Phantom Overlay" look more legit. 

I know NOTHING about coding/ or how this cheat actually works. So I do not know if this is not even possible.


Idea 1 :

Sound Cue ESP.  This would be like "only should visible players" setting.  This ESP would only work if you have sound cue coming from the enemy. (Foot steps, gun shooting, water, ect) The ESP would only activate if you were close enough to get a sound cue.


Idea 2: 

Have a 3rd distant option. That goes by 1-25 meters. ( indicated by a Dimond over there head (or something.) to show a difference that there super close )         

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30 minutes ago, Fika said:

Those are interesting suggestions, thanks for the recommendations.

thanks for even looking at it. 

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