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Can I use be PO on another computer?


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i have 2 pc’s but the one I use PO on is struggling to run the game (very dated graphics card) 


my other pc is a 4090 with a 7950x3D cpu…… I want to just use my main level 650 played alllll seasons max levels every battle pass etc…. I just hate starting over if that makes sense?

never been shadowed on my main…… should I get a spoofer so my 4090 and cpu don’t get flagged just in case of a ban? I know PO has been very reliable 


any help or guidance would be appreciated! 

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Our keys get tied to one device at a time. I've given you an HWID reset so you can switch devices. I generally only recommend using a spoofer if you're currently HWID banned, but that's up to you.

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