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Esp broken since update?


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Hopped on and played my first match since the update. Seemed to be working fine and then I realized as people were backing out and new players were join that I couldn't see them on radar or with esp. Fired up a second match and radar/esp wasn't working at all. Anybody else having issues since update?

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4 hours ago, GunGoBrr said:

Injected cheat fine have the overlay and everything but my game won’t launch do you know why?

Messaged you on your ticket.

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58 minutes ago, Bearbanksy said:

Just found I have this problem as well. 

Scan and repair your game files, delete and redownload the loader, then restart your PC. Also update to version 22H2 of either Windows 10 or 11 if you haven't already. Let me know if you still have issues.

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