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I WILL PAY you money to make trainers for me,all the games i need trainers for are free games so you dont have to buy them,will you phantom overlay do this for me?

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you can also use wemod. they are free and accepting donation as paid. so you can or dont have to pay. regardless they are good and trust worthy when it comes to single players game or even co-op. give it a try.

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Thanks for the suggestion (sorry for the super late reply to this) but like @Fika said this is a little bit below what I prefer to do. Making trainers is something that people do in CE basically everywhere, all over the web, mostly in forums like FR. It's not something that a kernel developer that focuses on kernel anti-cheats would spend time on, even for a lot of money. It's not the type of work I enjoy.

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There is website cheathappens thats paid they got bunch of trainers for games and they keep it updated.. otherwise cheat engine is hella easy and fun.

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