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MW2 Update

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41 minutes ago, phabejhmoob said:

I mainly play DMZ and sometimes the ESP won't detect some bots and some players until they are in line of sight. It was working perfectly before the update. 

Anyone still having this issue, make a support ticket with this info:

Do you use Steam or Battle.net to launch the game? And what game mode are you playing on?

- Make sure ESP transparency is NOT set to max. Should be low or medium otherwise ESP is invisible

- Make sure visible only is off if you have ESP set to a low distance

- Use fix ESP option in the menu to refresh the ESP

- Make sure panic key was not hit. If it was press it again to turn on ESP

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5 hours ago, ScopezCod said:

With the new anti cheat system is the cheat is gonna be undetectable?

No cheat is undetectable, but our cheat is still undetected.

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