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Please be aware that the reason we do not have native controller support is that our aimbots are not view angle aimbots. If they were, which all internal and many external providers use, the support would be easy at least with anti micro or even native support, but due to how EAC functions & how we believe Ricochet & others will function soon, we are staying with a more secure, safer, more legit looking aimbot solution. Some other providers use a view angle aimbot for controller for easy anti-micro support, but I refuse to do this. Ricochet is already detecting view angle aimbots for KBM. For this reason, you must use REWASD to use controller if you want to use aimbot. If you aren't using aimbot, you don't need to do anything. Just plug in your controller after you config the menu and use ESP/radar.
    Install REWASD from their website here: https://www.rewasd.com/
    Make your own REWASD config based on the controller you have. There are many guides on how to do it.
    If you are having issues you can download a REWASD config for the game of your choice & go from there.
    Enter a match to tweak what works best for you in terms of the controller buttons and aimbot key. What you would generally do is set your aimbot key in the menu to something, then pick up on that in REWASD and assign to your controller.
    When we did our config, we increased our mouse sensitivity in settings to make the stick feel smoother for camera movement in game.
    We set the aim key to right mouse, which translates as the left stick on the controller. You can do whatever feels right.
    We turned the smoothness down for controller compared to what we use on KBM.
    It may take a game or 2 to get use to but this feels very good once you tweak it to what works for you.
    When you’re not in game use keyboard and mouse to navigate the menus.

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12 hours ago, mionsk said:

What did you turn the smoothness down on controller


It depends on what feels more natural for your play style. I recommend tweaking it and seeing what works best for you.

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