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Anyone noticing game crashes after use?


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Found this place from Seven Sins and never had a better experience because of the ease of this tool. I was running this overlay on my old PC set up. It worked and everything but after a few matches I would crash. Is this some form of shadow ban strategy that the game detects and tries to do to limit the cheaters? I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this because i never had issues until I started using the tool. Long story short every time i wanted to play CODMW2 it would just crash on start up which made me delete the game and verify to see if something was corrupted but nothing was being found. I decided to upgrade to Windows 11 and after that clean reset of windows and stuff I was able to use the CODMW2 game again on my PC. No issues, I am scared to use this overlay again as I dont want to corrupt anything has anyone had these same affects from using this Overlay could someone explain to me what  could be causing my game to crash? Cause there is nothing running in the background besides the overlay and all other overlays are disabled so... idk what else could be.

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The crashing isn't related to anticheat, it's just some conflict between something on your system and our software. Updating to Windows 11 is a good idea, W11 22H2 is the most stable environment for our cheat. Try again to inject and let me know if you have the same issue.

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