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Few Questions




I just purchased a brand new PC and plan on making the switch from my Xbox sometime this week. I am interested in using your services.

Few Questions:

I have Windows 11

1) Will I need to disable Antivirus to use your WZ2 Cheat?

2) As I said, it's a brand new computer that has never been gamed on. Would you recommend creating a new Bnet account OR should I just use the account that I have been using on my console?

3) I read that spoofer is not necessary for unbanned Hard drive. Would you recommend a VPN or anything else that I should do ( other than not being a blatant cheater ) to help be proactive against being banned / detected?

Thanks sin advance

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1. It's unlikely you'll need to disable any antivirus.

2. Using an old account is fine, though I never recommend cheating on an account you highly value. Either way, be cautious of a sudden jump in stats, that can cause shadow bans. I recommend playing conservatively at first.

3. I don't recommend a VPN or anything else if you're not HWID banned.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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