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Best Security Practices


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We do on our end everything we need to do to keep you undetected while cheating. Here are some things you can do:

1. Do not have any game launcher or games open while your cheat loader USB is plugged in (especially if your loader is open). If you are going to plug in your USB, run your loader, and inject, it's best if your game launcher and especially your game are closed. Do not open your game launcher, then game, until you have successfully injected, the injector has closed, and you have waited at least 2 full seconds.

2. Try to refrain from browsing or having open our website while you actively cheat. You can take your software key(s) down into a notepad and use that to inject so that you can have our site closed out while you inject and cheat.

3. Do not rage cheat. COD is a kill cam based game and developers can and do sometimes review gameplay,especially for highly reported players.

4. Do not post your username for your account(s) online in places or ways that indicate that you boost or cheat.

5. Do not use untrusted or pasted resources such as cheats with unlock code (leaked on UC), unlimited UAV (leaked on UC), DMU unlock services, etc.

6. If you inject a cheat, in general, you should either launch the game the cheat is for or reboot your PC before launching other games. In the case of our cheats, launching the game the cheat is for and then closing the game will have your PC left with no traces of any cheating software.


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