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Automated Bitcoin payments are back ONLINE with more privacy and an automated discount!


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Over the last 24 hours we paused automated Bitcoin payments, making Bitcoin buyers make a ticket with us to buy manually

Well, automated BTC payments are back now with more privacy & an automated discount

Simply checkout with any product you'd like & if you click "Bitcoin" as the payment method, you will notice the price go down by 15%. No coupon needed

Credit & debit card payments are of course still accepted too

? Privacy. Our BTC payments were always self hosted but now we offer tor connection to nodes & other added obfuscation that will ensure that you are making your payment completely anonymously. Each invoice will have a unique address as always. The BTC node used, PO, nor any entity will know anything about you at all. The invoice takes place on our server & nothing is logged

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The automated BTC discount has been raised to 15%! Card is still accepted of course but does not offer a discount.

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9 hours ago, juju96 said:

how long do i ahve to wait on the blockchain to make 2 transactions

It looks like your payment cleared. Let us know if you need anything else.

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