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Graphic Design for your channel (Limited)


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Hello lads, how ya doing?

We know we have a bunch of streamers here and content creators that use the cheat privately, and i've talked with Fika and it seems like a good idea for this "upgrade" for some members who are active.

I'm here to do your complete stream design/youtube design for free for the first 10 to reply for this topic, i wanna help you guys with i can, and this is one of the things that i can do.

Don't DM me your Twitch/Youtube nickname, i don't wanna know it, keep your stuff private, i'm just gonna do the things that you don't need to show your nickname like panels, overlays or banners.

Have fun everybody, happy new year!

After you replied, i'm gonna send you a DM and we will talk from there.

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