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How much do we know about shadow bans?


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I've gone through my first month on PO using radar and some soft aim assist without any problem, got plenty of wins and a couple of 10+ kills games without any kick (many people say that 10 kills is the trigger but it does not confirm for me). Now i've just started my second month and got shadow banned on the second day, cheating in the same manner and my lobbies have been super bad today. Yesterday i encountered one of the symptoms that many people report on shadow bans, i was on a *decent* game with 7 or 8 kills and got kicked straight after firing a bullet to the next guy.

I've read that if many people report you in one game this effect might occur.

How long can I expect my ban to be for? How much do we actually know about SB triggers? Do we know if there is a way to make it go away faster?

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Amm, what could happen is, you get a delayed ban or you're out of the shadowban in a week.

The system activision uses in WZ 2.0 its different than WZ "1.0", seems worst tho.

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