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Can it be detected on PC check?

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Depending on how you're using them, with an USB Stick/2nd Setup or not.
Back in the day, i was hired to check setups from suspect players in the tourney, and i did found some stuff happening because of the driver they created/modified and the registry/signs.

I don't think P.O would be detected in a PC Check, but why you're accepting to get PC checked?

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I ran a check based on what I usually see people do, I was using a USB and what you end up being able to see is that a USB was connected, with whatever you named the folder. Theyll also be able to see the exe itself but it'll show up as a random number and letter combination, which technically isnt damning proof but any thorough pc check is gonna ask you about it and if you dont explain it they might take it as an auto disqualification if youre talking tourneys.

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