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5 hours ago, aidandv said:

ohhh so stickness is best for tracking and smoothness for like snipers n marksman



You probably got it wrong, they are just a setting for your aimbot, not that they interfere with each other sniper or not, you can customize them, adjust to your playstyle.
I hope i clarified your doubts, have fun! 

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8 hours ago, aidandv said:

I have been using this chair for about a month but cant find the different between aim smoothness and stickiness. Anyone care to explain the difference clearly to me? Thanks


FOV = Field of View = How wide is my aimbot

Time To Target: How long it takes for the aimbot to “kick in”

Smoothness = Speed of your snaps. Higher smoothness = slower, more controlled snaps

Stickiness: how aggressively the aimbot will “stick” to the selected target. Higher settings = more aggressive stick

Target Bone: What part of the body the aimbot will focus on

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