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Notice disconnect anyone?

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12 hours ago, ichizen said:

@Fika what was the resolution to this error? I got this error as well first warzone 2 game. Usually average 2-6 kills vis check esp only. Does this mean I got shadow banned? I got shadow banned during beta because anti cheat was acting up and was not using any cheats period.

It doesn't sound like you're shadow banned. PO shouldn't cause disconnects, but other things can like this:

 - If you use another cheat (another external has started to cause disconnects recently)

- If you use a bad spoofer you will get DC issue

- If you use anything that's shadow detected like an unlocker/cheat/spoofer

- If you are playing too aggressively on a new account

- If you are all out raging on an account of any age

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