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Bitcoin! Automated self hosted BTC payment option added to the website


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Bitcoin added as a second option for automated checkout

No more making a ticket to pay with BTC

Purchase any product with BTC, & delivery is automatic after 2 confirmations

Our BTC processor is open source (https://github.com/btcpayserver/btcpayserver) and we host it on our very own server. Your data will not be collected & your interaction will only take place between your personal device (and wallet) & our server ❤️

Card Still Welcome
Our card payments are still available, secure, and privacy focused. This is just a second option

Step 1/2
In your checkout, click the Bitcoin option, accept, continue

Step 3/4
You will get redirected to your BTC invoice. You can pay how you want but I recommend copying address/amount

Step 5
Once the payment has been sent, you will be told to wait for 2 confirmations & then your product will automatically be delivered

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  • Administrator

Added a 15% automated discount if you pick Bitcoin at checkout (no coupon needed) & also added some extra privacy features like tor connection to nodes.

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