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When I record a video in GeForce, the ESP appears in the clip


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38 minutes ago, Neehaa said:
If I streaming on Twitch or in Discord, (screen or in game) the ESP does not appear( all good) , but I mean if I save the video clip by GeForce , the ESP visible in saved video clip. (My friend not)

Do you have desktop capture disabled? Go to Geforce Experience Settings -> Privacy Control and uncheck the Desktop capture box. Also change to borderless in game.

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12 hours ago, Neehaa said:

Yes it’s disabled , and i tried change to borderless ,i have tried all setting , and i tried all my friend settings in Geforce , in PO menu, and in the game , the problem still exists 

I recommend using different streaming software then. I'm not sure what's causing the issue on your end, but it'll be tough to troubleshoot.

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