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aimbot not working


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If you're using keyboard and mouse make sure aimbot is enabled in the menu settings. Then in the menu navigate down to Aim Key and press your right arrow key. The next key you press will be set as your aim key. For now use the Shift key. Set your FOV to 5 and smoothness to 15. Then aim near an enemy and hold down Shift. You should see aimbot activity.

For controller:

Download REWASD here: https://www.rewasd.com/

Download our config file here: https://mega.nz/file/RBh2AQ6B#fTdNW9tWJxPQSmmQjmNH_ttP6EgPXgssBxS-qItAWtU

You should be set up as using keyboard and mouse in game. For testing purposes set your aim key to something not directly involved in the shooting process. It should go aim key set on mouse/keyboard in our menu, then that same key is set to a button on your controller through REWASD. Make sure aimbot is enabled in settings and you should see aimbot behavior. If you still have issues let me know!

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