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Newbie here~~

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I'm from SA (south america) still didnt buy the chair yet, i'm super legit player coming from EO, mainly MW, warzone and Vanguard i bought from EO, but later this year my main got banned, i use all super legit setting like FOV 1, never target head, no snaping, but still got caught in the ban wave. still after reading all the amazing stuff that PO is,  i'm considering buying PO for 1 month to start and go slow! thank you in advances and keep up the hard work!  

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On 11/21/2022 at 10:30 AM, Fika said:

EO definitely has its place in the CoD cheat scene, but security was never their focus.

This is the best take.

EO also has good stuff for Battlefield and I don't even know who else bothers with the BF series in 2022 besides EO and PA and EO has more features than PA even though PA is technically cheaper. 

It's a shame they went with EAC for BF 2042 and that no one really wanted to make cheats for it anyway since the game died so so quickly. Woulda been nice to see BF2042 from EO lol.


I literally never even got to cheat in BF 2042 😞 and now it's way too late.


Edit: Also OP, looks like you've joined us and became a customer, welcome!

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