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questions before purchasing



hi nice to write here, please answer my Qs before i felt confident to purchase, i'm from LA and it is very expensive for me. thanks in advance

1- has PO a considerable fps dropping?

2- is sus freezable?

3- is sus compensated due to downtimes?

4- is it possible to put radar as an invisible layer right above the map showing only little red dots for enemies?

5- is esp able to be set only for visible enemies? has PO skeleton esp?

6- payments are automatically renewed? can be deactivated?

7 has PO user defined profiles? like with a keyboard shorcut or a single key being able to change from sniper to assault or close combat? or even a profile to deactivate PO?

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Thanks for reaching out!

1. PO's performance drop should be minimal. If you're on Windows 11 version 22H2 in particular, you shouldn't have any issues.

2. We don't freeze subs.

3. During the few times where a manual cheat update takes more than a couple hours you'll be compensated for downtime!

4. The radar does not line up perfectly with the mini map unfortunately.

5. We have an option for visible only ESP. We don't offer skeletons though.

6. Renewals can be enabled or disabled at any time!

7. We don't offer weapon profiles, no. We do have a panic key that can quickly hide the cheat.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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