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Help on removing HWID Ban

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Hello all, I have some questions regarding getting rid of my HWID Ban.

What I've done so far is:

  1. Change my Motherboard/BaseBoard UUID and Serial.
  2. Changed my Chassis Serial
  3. Changed System Serial Number and UUID
  4. Changed Processor Serial Number
  5. Changed my Ethernet an WiFi Adapter MAC
  6. Created a RAID0 with 2 of my drives (Where windows and game was installed, and where all my personal files were kept) I left my third drive (a HDD) connected and without changes.
  7. Installed a different windows version in the fresh created RAID0
  • Will leaving my third drive (HDD Drive) connected will lead me to a permaban? Should I Disable it from my devices or should I remove it?
    • After removing it do I need to delete something in my Registry?
  • What else do I need to do?


Thank you all for your help on this, I really hope to find a solution here, I'm tired of buying Spoofer subscriptions.

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43 minutes ago, Fika said:

You should disconnect your 3rd drive, it can cause ban issues. There's nothing extra you need to do besides removing it. Otherwise it looks like you've got everything covered. Make a new Battle.net account following this guide: https://www.phantomoverlay.io/forums/topic/361-how-to-obtain-accounts-without-ban-chapter-001/

Thank you Fika, I will disconnect my HDD and will create a new account following up that guide.

I will let you know the results 😊

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5 hours ago, Fika said:

Sounds good!

Well looks like it didn't worked. 
Maybe Activision/Blizzard are doing thing different than before for HWID Detection. 
The new created account got shadowed, I'm pretty sure it will come back as a perma ban. 

I think I will have to make me of a new PC or try buying a MoBo and new drives instead. 
Do you know where can I get a good not to expensive MoBo for LGA1151? Seems to be very few of them in the market at these times.


Thanks in advance.

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22 hours ago, Fika said:

Did you have high stats in your first couple of games? New accounts are likely to be shadow banned if they have too many kills early on. There's a chance that shadow ban will expire after a couple of days.

Couldn't even start a single match lol. I think activision has improved spoofing detectin.

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