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Phantom Overlay Was Not "Hacked"


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Claims made by a content creator recently are false. If you review the media from the content creator, you will be able to see that the “hacker” involved is faking it. He clearly made a program that returns nothing when a string is first searched, then returns a pre-prepared .png file upon the second search. This is a very simple program & involves data that PO does not grab or store in the first place (Activision IDs). The .png files returned are pre-prepared with a target Activision ID in mind that is already publicly available from a public individual that the content creator wants to ruin or with the hacker's test Activison ID.

The Phantom Overlay cheat loader does not grab your Activision, BNET, or Steam ID. Any claim that Activison ID's of PO users has been compromised is immediately false since it's impossible to steal data that was never stored.

The PO loader grabs some HWID identifiers & your IP. This information is encrypted & stored outside of the loader server. The transfer is done securely.

The data you provide to PO is minimal. For example, we do not accept names, addresses, or phone numbers to be input on our website, even during secure card checkouts. BTC is accepted if you do not have the technical skills to validate that we use a third-party card processor that utilizes tokenization & has a secure API (your card data does not touch our servers & is handled securely).

What private data we do collect such as your email address, IP, device information, & private message contents are stored with modern overkill security measures. Website backups are handled with very serious security measures. Server access & sensitive website paths are secured heavily.

The point is for you to be able to cheat without anyone knowing you are cheating or who you are. That’s why I’m here. Read the website footer. This has been my mission since day one. I am a huge privacy advocate. I do not want to know who you are. Just enjoy my cheats.

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