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I am looking to buy cheese for Warzone for the first time. I have played legit my whole life but want to use ESP (no radar hacks) to be able to get higher kill recordings. I do not wish to rage hack, and do not plan to use any aimbot (if anything, the recommended PO settings). I have never had a HWID ban and dont plan to spoof when I cheat.

What are the odds of a ban under this criteria? Would I have to spoof to reduce the likelyhood? Is it entirely based on my in-game performance rather than any anti-cheat detecting the software?

I dont wish to get this account banned or shadowbanned (I have played on it for years). I play with friends who are keen against hackers and would hate to have to make an excuse why my main account is banned. 

Is this cheat safe under said criteria? Is it entirely based on my limits in terms of ‘rage hacking’ whether or not I am banned?


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You shouldn't use a spoofer since you're not HWID banned. Our cheat has never been detected, so the odds of your account getting banned if you're playing legit and without aimbot are very low. Like you said, it'll depend on your in game performance. The other good news is that if server side anticheat found something suspect with your play, you'd most likely just be shadow banned. Shadow bans tend to expire after a few days, so you wouldn't lose the account.

With that said, just because we haven't been detected doesn't mean we'll never be detected. If you highly value an account, you're always better off not cheating on it. But with us the risk is minimal. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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