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First 40kills and 30kills config after RICOCHEAT


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So whatever zebler is doing to keep the aimbot undetected is amazing. I know this is a legit provider but I was able to drop my first 40bomb game with no issues. I average around 10-20 kills per game. I just bumped my settings a little so I would share for whoever may be interested.

Assault/smg loadout.

Fov 6 (bumped a little to help with smg hip firing)

Time to target 600ms (left it at default)

Smoothness 17

Stickiness 2

Headshot % 25


I also have another provider who has managed to stay undetected as well since warzone release but they get the 15kill disconnect and haven't managed to fix it or not planning to. They just blame it on bad account/spoofer/playstyle too obvious. But I'm going to switch to this. Only thing I wish this chair would have is skeleton esp and loot esp. But if we have to sacrifice that to stay undetected, I'll take a pass. I'll be switching to this provider as my main. 


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I just dropped a 16 kills and no disconnection as well, i forgot how good this cheat was, it really got a better aimbot than a year ago, I'm using your aimbot settings and OMG. This is brutal, it should be "illegal" ?

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