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Without making my spoofer invasive with a complex setup process, it would not be feasible for me to address the current state of spoofing for Warzone. To me, that means it’s time to focus on my cheats. There is no reason for me to spend ~60 hours remaking the COD spoofer into something that already exists in the market + ~10-20 hours per week limiting BSOD & keeping everything current. The whole point of this side project was to make a non-invasive spoofer that you download, double click, then run the game. That isn’t a reality anymore. Even if I spent the time to make it a reality, it wouldn’t last for long periods at a time.

My expertise is in making external cheats that rarely or never get detected. So far, no PO cheats have ever been detected. I am going to stick with that mission. MW2 launches in 2 months & I think it’s going to be a massive game paired with WZ2.

No more time spent on spoofing means that all of my time will be spent on cheats, including the planned upcoming cheat for MW2 & WZ2. Keeping cheats working smoothly/updated automatically or quickly, keeping cheats undetected by driver & server side, so on.

If you had an active spoofer key when the outdate occurred, please make a ticket & either request a swap for a cheat key or a refund for unused time: https://www.phantomoverlay.io/support/

It is recommended that you delete all of your spoofer files (rar, exe, ini, tmp update) to prevent file scan issues in the future.


Assistance for HWID Banned Users

If you believe you are HWID banned, test. Make a new BNET, verify SMS for Warzone, play legit for a few days. If you get SB & it turns permanent, you are HWID banned. If it lifts, you are not. HWID bans usually occur when you have 2 or more permanent bans on your device.

If you are HWID banned, you can use a third-party spoofer that works with PO cheat(s). GA spoofer does work with PO if you use the same pin & lock your cheat loader HWID to the spoof. There are other options to investigate.

Even invasive spoofers like GA spoofer will be outdated (& have in the past been), so it’s not a permanent solution. If you want a permanent solution, replace your drive(s) and motherboard, or RAID0 two drives (& disconnect others) & replace motherboard. Make a ticket if you want my help.

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