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Game constantly crashing


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Hello, sent in ticket to support and they’ve been noting but great help but unfortunately issue still not resolved. Looking here to see if anyone else has encountered this issue and maybe you can help. I’ve been using PO for almost a year now and never had any issues previously so that’s why I’m dumbfounded by this issue. Anyways long story short, as stated before I’ve been using PO for a while now, just recently took a couple months brake from warzone due to game being boring. Earlier in the week I returned and bought a key and started playing, within 10-15 mins of injecting hack game gave me dev error, ran the game again injected hack and got same error… anyways sent in ticket and still trying to resolve my problem, so far I’ve updated everything on my PC including graphics card, deleted and reinstalled game, scanned and repaired files in battle net, deleted and reinstalled PO loader, ran the game in safe mode just to see if that would help and still no good. After doing some more testing I’ve noticed that while running and playing the game for a hour with no hack everything was working fine, once I installed hack game would work fine then after about 10 or so mins the game would give me dev error or crashes again… any help would be appreciated guys thank you in advance.

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On 12/10/2023 at 12:11 AM, UncleDaniel said:

I am having this exact issue with the new WZ/MW3. I can play forever without the overlay but with it I have problems all the time. Help please

Make a support ticket if you're still having issues!

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On 12/22/2023 at 9:50 PM, UncleDaniel said:

Made a support ticket - never was contacted. Can't use the cheat if my game crashes everytime. Un-installed the game

I messaged you on your ticket on December 14th. Go to Support -> Support Requests to view my reply.

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