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I want to buy RIGHT NOW!! BUT...



Current Artificial Aiming user here, Their cheat IS undetected but the aimbot even with the most minimal effect causes shadowbans within the range of a 11-22kill game.
You may get away with a 20 then maybe a 16 but then later you get a 12 and boom shadow ban.
Ive been SB'd on 4 accounts in 5 days.
Is is true that this aimbot is advanced enough that it does not get detected from games with 15 kills+ with "legit" settings and a good "actor"?
I want to purchase, I loved the COD bible, Gotta say its sad that nowadays Raging IS truly in the past and cheats are more commonly just about RADAR and more minimal affects but here we are..
SO I am a streamer and if this provider is as Big on their security as the game they talk, this could be my forever home.
I'm just trying to provide entertainment to my fans/community.
Someone come gimme a big hug let me know whats up, and let's get this ball rolling.

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We're the safest most security oriented public cheat on the market. You're right that the days of raging on an account without ban are pretty much over. But if you play with legit settings and don't look too sketchy you won't have issues on our aimbot. There's no disconnect issue with our cheat and no real limit to the kills you can land.

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