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Battlefield 2042


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I want to suggest Battlefield 2042 cheats. I have a blast playing this game with voip squad and playing solo. Conquest is fun with 128 players with the chaotic breakthrough mode only limiting at 64. I know this game is dead, but in the past month there have been an increase number of real players instead of AI.

I've found a few cheat providers for Battlefield 2042 like Elusion and Vortex. I've personally don't want to give out anymore personal information to give these websites background check when I'm already cleared here, so I want to keep my business here on PhantomOverlay. 

What are your thoughts of PhantomOverlay offering services for Battlefield 2042?

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I believe it was considered in the past, though then they decided not to due to it being a dead game, he has to spend days and hours making the cheat, constantly updating it to go with it, and all to have not all that many people purchase it because as mentioned it's a dead game, yeah it's picking up a little but for how long. 
Plus EAC has a fairly solid Anti Cheat and takes a faaaair chunk of time to get around it and keep it updated around it.

Though it would be nice, I personally couldn't see PO going down that path with 2042 

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