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How many active PO users per day?


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I am very curious how prevalent cheating is. I see OBVIOUS ESP/wall use all the time in lobbies over 1.2 KD. It becomes extremely easy to spot users cheating with ESP hacks when you too have ESP. It is way more common than most would like to believe. Ricochet is a joke and only really stops RAGE cheaters and idiots using free and/or poorly written hacks that are detected.  You can cheat with impunity and be obvious w/ ESP/bot. You'll catch a 25 user report and 7 day shadow ban, but will be right back into things after 7 days. Rinse and repeat. Ricochet is really quite useless. 

Would staff / admin be willing to share the average daily user count for its Warzone app? You obviously have that data available but may not want to share it here with your users. I am of the opinion PO is the best dev group out there in this niche. But I am very curious how many clients are logging it to PO server to authenticate per day, on average. 

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