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Can i get some info please guys


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So i am looking to buy the SPOOFER & WARZONE bundle for the 90 days option, My questions are from reading i cant use my PS4 controller without some sort of software installed right? Now i am not tech savvy AT ALL lol, Is it complicated procedure so have my PS4 controller work with phantoms chair? I have used chairs and spoofers in the past whihc i am not a fan of so really want to give phantom a go and see what its like as i have heard REALLY GOOD reviews for you guys!


Any help is really appreciated and hope to get some response to help me out!

Thanks guys! 

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Yes you can use REWASD to use a controller with PO. There is a full guide for doing this in the loader download and tutorial section in the Customer Area, which is accessible after you purchase.

If you have any issues, we also have a very flexible refund policy.

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