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Issue is that i get shadowban for 2 days.I'm then playing normal for 1 day,and then again i get Shadowban for 2 days.
Any solutions? 
Not rage hacking,neither using anything like to be "OBVIOUS".

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5 hours ago, AntiCheatWorks1 said:

everything checked and done.But still keep getting shadow ban.I don't know why.But never mind

Were you ever banned with using another provider before?

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some useful information ❤️


So after 6 months of experimenting, trying out with more than 50 accounts i found out how
activision/raven are shadowbanning people in warzone.

- You don't need any reports or spectators you will get auto shadowbanned if you will hit +60
headshots in a row, so make sure you don't hit "all" headshots and put your aim priority to
"chest" only. So you can avoid this.

- You will get shadowbanned if you get 20 reports, yes 20. So if 20 people reported you, you
will be shadowbanned. So make sure you look legit on killcam and with spectators.

- If you're shadowbanned on your main account, just wait 7/8 days and you will be able to find
anormal match again. But for the next 7/8 days don't open warzone.

If you are lucky you will be able to play again in 3 days. But most shadowbans are 7/8 days.

So don't create new accounts, or buy a spoofer. Just wait 7/8 days and you can play normal
again on your main account. Just play another game for that 7/8 days.

If you're perma banned on your account - YOUR ACCOUNT IS GONE.

If you receive a perma ban -> Make a new account, but you will must wait 7/8 days to play on
your new account, because you will be instashadowbanned.

Buying spoofers and looking up on youtube -> Doesn't work it's all just a scam. So wait thoose
7/8 days and you can play again normal.

100% Verified with +50 other accounts.

+1 Information: You will also get shadowbanned if you win 10 games in a row, and you can be
shadowbanned if you're not using nothing..

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22 hours ago, Butter said:

I got shadowbanned four times in a row I don't think it's on reports

I always get unbanned though so I don't know why

Make a support ticket if you keep having issues, we'll help you get things resolved.

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