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  • Who DMA/hardware cheating is for & who it isn't for

    DMA/hardware cheating is an expensive solution for dedicated cheaters. If you are not willing or able to spend at least a few hundred euros on your cheating "career" then you should continue to buy "normal" external cheats from Phantom Overlay. The type that PO is known for currently & only require one computer with no extra hardware. We will do our very best to keep our external cheats undetected

    Let's say you DO have the budget for DMA/hardware cheating though... is it for you?

    If you

    • Are a streamer
    • Enter tournaments to cheat for money
    • Have an extreme desire to avoid being banned while cheating
    • Spend a significant amount of time cheating in video games

    Then DMA/hardware cheating is probably something you should consider


    What DMA/hardware cheats are

    DMA (Direct Memory Access) originated as a hardware optimization for transferring data without involving the CPU. Having the CPU handle every single transfer of data is taxing on the hardware, so DMA was a great optimization solution

    Malware developers later abused DMA to achieve the "DMA attack" (here is a DMA attack proof of concept). Later on, filthy cheaters utilized DMA attacks to cheat in video games

    Basically, you plug a DMA hardware device into your computer (the one running the game) and then also connect that device to a second computer (the one running the cheat). The second computer or "cheat computer" can read/write to all of the memory directly on the first computer or "game computer"

    This provides us a very secure way to read the game's memory. Reading the game's memory can give us information like an enemy position in the 3D world to list a single example

    But what about ESP? What about aimbot? Surely we cannot draw on the screen and move our game computer's mouse with only reading memory!!! This is exactly where many other cheat developers ruin the entire purpose of using a DMA attack for cheating by writing to the game's memory... they will add things like chams for ESP or changing view angles for aimbot, both of which involve writing to the game's memory. Some of them even inject shellcode for things like chams with visible check which drastically reduces security even below the security of most external cheats. Imagine being less secure than a single computer external cheater while using a two computer DMA setup... luckily with PO you won't have to worry about this scenario because none of our DMA cheat software will write to the game computer's entire memory space at all, even outside of the game process

    To accomplish this, we will have you use two other hardware devices (both optional): the fuser and the KMBOX

    The fuser and KMBOX ARE optional where as the DMA board is NOT optional. We will offer a software radar and web browser radar that you can use to see all enemy/item info/locations. You can even use the web browser radar to share with friends. You can make it rotate or not & configure it however... it's up to you. You can use both radars & share with friends with only two computers & a DMA board...

    Fuser (OPTIONAL)
    If you want ESP on your game computer's monitor overlaying your game, you can use a fuser. A fuser is a hardware device that takes two HDMI inputs from two different computers. One from your game computer and one from your cheat computer. It then displays your cheat computer's output over your game computer's output and removes the color black from the cheat computer's output. The result is that if the cheat computer's output is a black background with ESP drawn on it, it will show just the ESP over your game without the cheat running/drawing on the same computer at all! The latest versions of fusers also mimic the monitor they are connected to which is perfect for avoiding anti-cheat detection! My hardware recommendations (where to buy this stuff) is located at the bottom of this page!

    KMBOX is a hardware device that allows your second computer (cheat computer) to help you control the mouse plugged into your game computer. It mimics a normal single mouse input so it is very secure against anti-cheats. There are two variations of KMBOX and the main difference is just how the communicate. The NET is newer but you can use either. My hardware recommendations (where to buy this stuff) is located at the bottom of this page!


    Can the second computer be a poor quality computer/laptop?

    Yeah your cheat computer can be a desktop or laptop and it can have lower quality specs which is more affordable. I do not have exact recommended specs available now but you can ask in the DMA community I link at the bottom of this page or whatever DMA community you get your card from what they recommend.


    What hardware is required for DMA/hardware cheating

    You need a second computer (desktop or laptop), a DMA board, and custom firmware to mask the DMA board as a legitimate device. You also, of course, need your PO DMA cheat software

    You can optionally use a fuser or KMBOX to boost your experience. I explain this hardware above


    Risk vectors

    • Writing to the game computer's memory, even outside of the game, makes the DMA cheat software itself detectable. This is something many DMA cheat softwares do (chams, view angle aimbot) because they want to bypass your need to get a fuser or KMBOX for one monitor ESP or aimbot. You may think they are doing you a favor, but they are reducing your security & voiding the protections offered by using DMA for cheating. Some of them even inject shellcode for things like chams vis check which drastically reduces your security when cheating. They just want to lower the barrier for you to give them money. Phantom Overlay DMA cheat software will never write to any memory on the entire game computer, even outside of the game's process. You will enjoy a truly secure DMA cheating experience where the cheat software itself is undetectable. In addition, you can trust PO to never do anything malicious on your devices or give you poor prices/poor customer service
    • To add to the above, it is really important to only use providers you trust. Some providers may lie about not writing to the game computer's memory because they aren't the developer and don't know the truth or are maliciously deceiving you. Malware can also be a concern. Be careful & use your best judgement
    • Server side anti-cheat can always use player stats or behavior to determine someone may be cheating even if they are using DMA. It is best to continue to keep a legitimate configuration and playstyle which I will provide a guide for. You also must use a cheat with good humanization like ours
    • If the DMA board does not have quality custom firmware flashed to it to mask it as a legitimate device, the anti-cheat may determine the DMA board plugged into your PC is a DMA board being used for cheating rather than a legitimate PCIe device. See my firmware vendor recommendations at the bottom of this page
    • Latency/timing based checks can be used for flagging. These checks do have false positives but anti-cheats like RIOT Vanguard use them to help flag DMA cheaters
    • IOMMU can be utilized to block DMA depending on your firmware. This is OK because you can bypass this by turning virtualization off in your BIOS settings


    Recommended vendors that I have looked into/audited for DMA, custom firmware, fuser, KMBOX needs

    I sought out Cyber Ammo specifically to partner with for DMA hardware needs. They are the top supplier of CaptainDMA hardware products. I picked them over recommending CaptainDMA directly because they have an unbelievably solid support team & community. They also charge the same as what CaptainDMA charges directly.

    I know that this sounds like some sponsorship promotional BS but it isn't. I picked Cyber Ammo to recommend to my users after vetting many options. I approached them to ask if they would partner with me & give my users a discount code after I chose them. If they said no, I still would have recommended them but they said yes.

    Discount coupon for CA: cyberxphantom
    Link: https://cyber-ammo.com/shop/

    CA is where you'll want to get your DMA board, fuser, and/or KMBOX. Any DMA board is fine. Here are just some things to be advised about

    • The 75T is a different chip than the other boards (35T) and therefore requires different firmware. It's faster though and has a switch. There are also plenty of 75T firmware providers
    • The gen 5 is an external board so basically you'd put the box on your desk or on top of your PC instead of inside the game computer. It still connects via PCIe slot
    • Be mindful of if your desired board has a physical switch or not. If you are going to be streaming or tournament cheating you'll want a switch. If you don't want a switch you can go with gen 3
    • The KMBOX pro versus NET just differ in communication method. Either are fine. I personally have the NET but my DMA software will work with either
    • The mini fuser they sell is the latest. It has the monitor mimic functionality I was talking about
    • If you buy custom firmware through CA, make sure they get it to you and help you flash it. You may not get a pre-flashed card if you get a custom option so make sure you get them to give you the .bin firmware file & help you flash it to your board

    Custom firmware WARNING
    The market of custom firmware, cfw, 1/1, 1 of 1, whatever you see it called is the wild west right now. We have people selling horrible firmware at outrageous prices, lying, selling the same firmware as "1 of 1" to several people or even hundreds.... just outright madness. You need to use trusted vetted options & not random scammers on Discord

    • So far I can confirm that shock, the firmware provider that CA sells as "EAC/BE" firmware is good to use for EAC/BE or weaker. So go ahead and buy the EAC/BE custom 1 of 1 or 1/1 firmware from CA with your board or individually on their store
    • The pre-flashed firmware that comes with CaptainDMA boards is very similar between each build but this can still bypass EAC/BE or weaker anti-cheats for now. You may want to invest in another custom firmware soon if you are using DMA on EAC/BE though. For COD it should be okay for at least awhile
    • I have some connections with firmware providers who seem good and work on EAC/BE/VGK/FACEIT but they do very expensive custom work. I am still vetting those options & if you want you can message me on Telegram to ask me about firmware if you are having trouble. I will release those names later
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