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  • This is the permanent spoofing guide for users who are on Windows 10 right now and will be installing Windows 10 again as part of the spoofing process

    If this does not describe you, go back to the start/guide selection page

    1. If your operating system drive is encrypted with something like BitLocker, decrypt it now & wait until decryption is finished before proceeding

    2. You need to know what motherboard you have. Search Windows for "MSINFO" -> System Information -> and check. Using this info, you can search the manufacturers support website for anything you may need later (e.g. drivers).

    3. (OPTIONAL) If you are willing to flash your BIOS, you should do that now since flashing BIOS resets your BIOS settings. Flashing your BIOS is not currently required for COD but it is required for some stronger anti-cheats. You'd basically search your motherboard manufacturer (e.g. ASUS, MSI) and "how to flash BIOS) on Google or YouTube. It usually just involves putting a file on a USB and going into BIOS, clicking a few things, done. It's good to update your BIOS the latest version anyways. If you're already at the latest version, you can just re-flash to the latest to product new identifiers.

    4. If you flashed your BIOS, your BIOS settings have been reset. Make sure to re-configure your BIOS if you had it configured before. Make sure to turn virtualization off if you are a DMA cheater.


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